Safari in Kenya near Glamping Eco Lodge hotel in Nanyuki

Safari in Kenya near Glamping Kenya eco lodge Hotel in Nanyuki

The word safari comes from Swahili; where it means 'Long Journey'. This word comes from the Arabic word سفر (safar) which means journey. A trip to Kenya without a safari is like traveling with your eyes closed.
meanwhile, "safari" means a game drive through a nature reserve, looking for Africa's famous wildlife.
A Safari in Kenya is a real "must do"

Safari in Kenya an unforgettable experience

This is what a Safari in Kenya looks like:

•    A safari in Kenya usually starts early in the morning. This has several reasons. At that time it is still cool and relatively many animals are out to eat. You can also encounter nocturnal animals, including those that have just woken up. It is also much better for photos, because early in the morning the light is the best for your photos. And when it gets too hot, many animals take shelter, so you see far fewer animals. While all predators hunt when it is cool, so you miss that too.
•    A safari in Kenya is done in 4X4 jeep (or on foot, or by bike or horseback), with plenty of space to look and photograph. from our jeeps you can take pictures from the roof. Our driver is highly trained in spotting animals and he searches the plains, trees and bushes for animals. With some safaris in Kenya you also have a spotter.
•    The Masai Mara is world famous for a safari in Kenya. The reason is because you can see many diverse species of animals here. But in the top seasons it is very busy, so you sometimes literally have to queue up. But you have more choices for a safari; such as safari in Tsavo (famous for its many elephants), safari in Nakuru (an unprecedented amount of flamingos and that attracts other animals), safari in Amboseli (many large safari animals such as elephant, buffalo and giraffe) ....
•    If you want to see exceptional animals during your safari in Kenya, you should do a safari in Samburu National Reserve, because there you will see animals that you cannot spot anywhere else in Africa, such as the Grévy zebras, the Reticulated giraffe, the Beisa Oryx, the Generoek and the Somali Ostrich.
•    During your safari in Kenya you can also meet the last 2 white rhinoceroses of the Northern Race. These can be found in Ol Pejeta National Reserve.
•    A Walking Foot safari in Kenya is also possible in various parks including Solio Ranch.
•    If you want to make a bicycle safari in Kenya, we can also offer you all of this, as well as a horseback riding safari in Kenya.
For your own Safari in Kenya Contact us to discuss all possibilities. We make your dream come true.

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